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Club Audits

*Action*: To carry out a full audit of every club facility in Connacht
*Objective*: To get a ‘snap shot’ of the current status of every club facility in Connacht, to ensure that every Club in Connacht has a Club Safety statement and that each club in Connacht have all the necessary club policies in place, (Child protection, updated Club Trustees, Club Constitution, ASAP policy etc).
*Timeline*: March-December 2012

A chara
Connacht GAA will be carrying out an audit of club facilities in order to get a ‘snap-shot’ of the current status of the facilities in the Province. The results of the audit will guide Connacht GAA in assisting the clubs in implementing and delivering Best Practise in their activities.
The Club Audit will be carried out by Shane Timlin & Pat Fahy, who have been employed through the Job-bridge Scheme. The Audit will commence from Monday 26th March 2012 and each club will be contacted by Pat and/or Shane in advance of a visit to your club to agree a date and time.
The process for the Audit will be as follows;
1. Initial email from Connacht GAA informing clubs of the Audit. This email will include the documentation that will be used for the Audit, (see below). 2. Club Executive meet and complete the Club Audit Questionnaire and prepare themselves for the visit from Pat and/or Shane by reviewing the GAA Template Safety Statement. 3. Pat and/or Shane will make contact with the club to agree a date and time for their visit. 4. Pat and/or Shane will meet with the club and complete their audit. 5. Pat and/or Shane compile their report and forward on a Club Safety Statement and action plan for the Club to sign off on and implement. 6. Connacht GAA to review the Audits carried out in the Clubs and set out a plan of action to assist clubs in the province in Best Policy, (Club Planning, Code of Best Practise, Trustees, pitch maintenance, etc).
I have included with this email the documents that will be used for the Club Audit;
1. Club Audit Questionnaire- We would ask your club to have completed the questionnaire and have it ready for the visit by Pat and/or Shane. 2. GAA Template Safety Statement- This Document will be reviewed with the club at the visit by Pat and/or Shane. After the visit Pat and/or Shane will update the document and send back completed to the club to sign off on. Once signed off, the club will be responsible to ensure that the document is maintained and implemented annually. 3. Ground Inspection Checklist- This checklist will be used by Pat and/or Shane and the information they gather from this will be included in the Safety Statement in the Appendix.
All correspondence via email from Pat and/or Shane will be from the following email address, administrator.connacht@gaa.ie and they will contact each club through your official GAA email secretary address. At the time of their visit we would request that a member of the Club Executive be available to meet with Pat and/or Shane in order to carry out the audit and Club Safety Statement.
If at any stage a club has a query in relation to the whole process, please do not hesitate to contact John Prenty, (john.prenty.connacht@gaa.ie) or myself, Adrian Hassett, (adrian.hassett.connacht@gaa.ie).
We trust that we will receive the full cooperation and assistance from all clubs in the province for this project. We do believe that this project will be of huge benefit to all our units in Connacht and guide us in assisting Clubs in Connacht in Best Practise.