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GAA Results – Can you predict GAA winners?

*Hi GAA Fan…… Can you predict GAA winners? AllianzLeaguesPredictions.ie <www.allianzleaguespredictions.ie/?n=esports-sites> *
The eSports Manager results eMail team think our subscribers will like this.
Allianz have developed a fun way to Test your GAA knowledge and potentially win money for you and you club.
Allianz have been a key supporter of our Sunday Results eMail so we are encouraging our subscribers to support AllianzLeaguesPredictions.ie. We are confident you will enjoy it! Register to Play below.
Please pass this on to any other GAA fans you might know.
Good luck,
the eSports Manager Team
P.S. We will continue our weekly results email as soon as the GAA season kicks off.
Win up to €5,000 for a GAA Club and up to €2,500 for you! – AllianzLeaguesPredictions.ie
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Newsletter January 2012
Win up to €5,000 for a GAA Club & up to €2,500 for you!
Dear eSports Manager Subscriber,
Register for AllianzLeaguesPredictions.ie <www.allianzleaguespredictions.ie/?n=esports-eshot> and you could win up to €5,000 for a GAA Club and up to €2,500 for you!
The Allianz Leagues throw in on Saturday the 4th of February! Why not try to win money for yourself and a GAA Club by registering in the Allianz Leagues Predictions Competition.
It’s free to enter and a great test of your knowledge and skill. All you have to do is predict the winning team and margin of victory (or select a draw) for all the fixtures every weekend in the Allianz Leagues in the Football and/or Hurling competitions. The better you are at predicting the draw/winners correctly and the closer you get to the margin of victory the more points you earn!
Once registered you are able to set up and join Mini Leagues, so you can compete with colleagues or friends, or you can even set up a fundraiser for members of your club! AllianzLeaguesPredictions.ie <www.allianzleaguespredictions.ie/?n=esports-eshot> does all the hard work – All you have to do is collect the money from those who entered your mini league!
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