Big Boat
Westport GAA

Tuesday 30th June

We had 30 players training on Sunday. I have Shane , Aaron and Colin coming back into training which comes to 33. However Kieran , Brendan Murphy and David Dolan are not available to train.
So I am expecting the same number tomorrow night. Please let me know if this is incorrect. Hoping to divide up the group into 2 teams this evening in preparation for the session so I need to know exactly who will or wont be there.
Get your health questionnaire filled up- the ideal time would be the second you finish reading this email so you won’t forget.
*We will be talking about rehab and prehab exercises this weekend. I know Rachel sent some to the players’ group a few weeks ago. At the very least you should be getting your foam rolling in after the session yesterday and get your rolling done tomorrow night at home before the session with any prehab work that Rachel has prescribed.*
*S*ee ye tomor,