Westport GAA

Minor Division 5 league

Minor Division 5 league game round 3: Westport B V’s  Castlebar B

Westport B and Castlebar B once again showed all that is good in gaelic football with a highly entertaining minor division five game played in Castlebar on Wednesday last..Both sides kept the umpires busy.

Final Score: Castlebar   1 –  12, Westport    1 – 19

The Westport team was Eoin Conway, Michael Gallagher, Martin Hopkins, Mark Reilly, Andrew Ferson, Ben Doyle, Mikey OBrien (0-03), Aaron OFlaherty (0-02), Padraig OHaire (1-02), Donal Moran, Killian Kilkelly (0-07), Sean Tierney (0-02), Louis OReilly, Richard OMalley (0-03), Gavin Walmsley.

Minor Division 5 league game round 4: Tuar Mhic Eadaigh V’s Westport

Westport and Tuar Mhic Eadaigh both played good football in this division 5 league round 4 game played on Monday 13nd April. Westport were ahead at halftime by 3 goals 4 points to Tuar Mhic Eadaigh 1 goal and 5 points.Sean Tierney got two goals, one from the penalty spot and Keith Hastings got the third.With the support of the breeze in the second half Westport pushed on with fine scores from Padraic OHaire, Richard OMalley, Aaron OFlaherty (before going off injured), Martin Hopkins, Michael Gallagher and a good team goal from Donal Moran. Final result: Tuar Mhic Eadaigh  1 – 06, Westport  4 -12.                 The Westport team was Eoin Conway, Michael Gallagher (0-01), Martin Hopkins,Isaac Brickenden, Andrew Ferson,Ben Doyle, Mikey O’Brien, Aaron OFlaherty (0-02), Padraic OHaire (0-06), Brian OMalley, Donal Moran (1 -00), Sean Tierney (2 -01), Gavin Walmsley, Louis Oreilly, Keith Hastings (1 -00), Sean McGuire,Richard OMalley (0-02), Mark Reilly.

Minor Division 5 league game round 6: Westport V’s Kilmovee Shamrocks

In round 6 of the division 5 minor league played on Friday 17nd April  it was a major lost for Westport against a very stong Kilmovee Shamrocks side who are top of the league table.Despite the score it was a very busy evening on the GAA pitches in Westport with both minors teams playing.

Final result: Westport: 0 – 02, Kilmovee Shamrocks  2 – 18

The Westport team was Kevin Lavelle, Michael Gallagher, Isaac Brickenden, Andrew Ferson, Ben Doyle, Mikey OBrien, Donal Moran, Padraic OHaire, Sean Tierney(0-01), Chris McGovern, Eoin Conway (0-01), Louis OReilly,Pat Joyce, Gavin Walmsley


Westport V’s Erris St.Pats  

A good start by Westport set the tone of this game. Early goals from Mikey OBrien and Padraig OHaire gave Westport a lead that they held throughout the game. Ben Doyle was liking the play with  Pat Joyce to set up the scoring chances.Ten players scored on an evening of high scoring.One of the highlights of the game was the number of long range points scored by backs Sean McGuire, Andrew Ferson and Mikey OBrien. Donal Moran hit a goal before halftime to leave the score Westport three goals seven points to Erris St.Pats one goal five points.

Further scores From Chris McGovern,Eoin Conway and Louis OReilly kept Westport ahead. Erris St.Pats hit back with two well taken goals and three points to close the gap. However midfielders Michael Gallagher and Padraig OHaire added points for Westport before Keith Hastings hit a goal and two points from play to close out the game.Isaac Brickenden in the backs  Gavin Walmsley, Sean Tierney  and Brian OMalley also played their part in a very enjoyable game. Final score was Westport four goals seventeen points to Erris St.Pats three goals and eight points.

 Final Score; Westport  4 – 17, Erris St.Pats   3 – 08

The Westport Team Eoin Conway (0-02), Isaac Brickenden, Sean McGuire (0-2), Andrew Ferson (0-02),Ben Doyle, Mikey OBrien (1 -02), Michael Gallagher (0-02), Padraic OHaire (1 – 02), Sean Tierney, Pat Joyce,  Donal Moran (1 -00),Chris McGovern (0 -02), Keith Hastings (1 -02),Gavin Walmsley, Louis OReilly (0 -01), Brian OMalley

Naom Padraig  V’s Westport :Westport made the long journey to lacken for their final round league game against Naomh Padraig. In a low scoring first half the home team were ahead by five points to two at halftime.Mikey OBrien and Padraig OHaire getting the points. This game was evenly contested but three goals in seven minutes by Naomh Padraig put them in the driving seat. Westport kept trying and scores from  Sean Tierney, a goal and three points (frees) was not enough for Westport to deny Naomh Padraig their win.

Final score: Naom Padraig   3 – 08, Westport 1 – 07

The Westport team Michael Brady, Isaac Brickenden, Alan McHale, Andrew Ferson, Ben Doyle, Mikey OBrien (0-02), Michael Gallagher, Padraig OHaire (0-02), Sean Tierney (1 03), Donal Moran, Gavin Walmsley, Louis OReilly, Keith Hastings.