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Now Is A Great Time To Upgrade!

Now that you have built yourself a nice website, you might want to consider upgrading your web presence. Upgrading provides you with the following:
The SIMPLE Plan ($14 a month)
– Everything you already have with the FREE Plan. – You get your own website DOMAIN (www.mywebsite.com). – ADS REMOVED from your website. – You get access to website STATISTICS data (how many hits, visitors, etc. to your website). – Full access to built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. – Access to our full STOCK PHOTO/IMAGE repository. – Access to the BULK PHOTO UPLOADER. – FILE UPLOADING capabilities. – More PAGES, more PHOTOS, more STORAGE, more USERS, more TRAFFIC, etc.
The BUSINESS Plan ($29 a month)
– Everything in the SIMPLE Plan. – Create as many EMAIL ALIASES as you want based off your DOMAIN (example: bob@mywebsite.com, sue@mywebsite.com, info@mywebsite.com, etc.) – You get access to the SHOPPING CART tool to build your own stores and sell products online. – You get access to the FORM BUILDER to create your own custom forms for gathering customer/visitor information. – You get access to the FORUMS tool to be able to create your own online forum community. – You get ADVANCED SECURITY tools that can limit which users can see certain pages. – Add your own BANNER ADS to earn revenue from your website. – More PAGES, more PHOTOS, more STORAGE, more USERS, more TRAFFIC, etc.
The ADVANCED Plan ($49 a month)
– Everything in the BUSINESS Plan. – Unlimited PAGES, max PHOTOS, max STORAGE, max USERS, , max TRAFFIC, etc.
Questions? If you have ANY questions about upgrading your website, send us an email from our contact forms, or just simply reply back to this email! doodlekit.com/contact
Thank You,
The Doodlekit Team doodlekit.com
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