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Important Change to Teamer Notifications from April – Please Read

Dear Garrymore GAA
With effect from the beginning of April 2012, you will notice some changes to how you notify events using the event notification module.
1. As a result of significantly increased sms costs (75% year on year), with effect from April, we are limiting the number of free event notification sms to 200 per team per month. Please note that in the case of your team, , based on your February usage, your usage of Teamer would not in any way be impacted by the introduction of this limit.
2. You will note some changes to the event notification sending interface. We are now giving you the ability to choose whether you want to send event notifications by sms, email or app notification (or combination thereof). This will help you manage your communications more effectively.
3. If you think you need more than 200 sms per month for event notifications, you can purchase more, and we’ve ensured they can be bought at the most competitive market rate. Please bear in mind that you are still getting 200 free every month, a significant cost being covered by Teamer and our sponsors.
4. Event Cancellations – We recognise the absolute importance of being able to ensure every member receives an event cancellation sms immediately. So we are making the commitment that sms messages for cancellations will always be delivered free of charge, whether or not you have sufficient credits in your account.
You may well have further questions, so we have a [FAQ section here](teamer.net/pages/text_faq), which will hopefully address these, but we are available in person to discuss any questions you might have, so please feel free to [contact us.](teamer.net/pages/help)
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