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Week 21- Special, 24 02 2012 ———————–
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24 February, 2012 ConeChamp [ http://thegaastore.newsweaver.com/14djrncmi35t9h7zjq6r5u?a=5&p=21718805&t=19649585 ] The easy to use ConeChamp! The handle is extendable and locks into the lower part using the easy to use buttons on both sides.ConeChamp is then simply pushed through each sports / field cone using the ‘Gripper’ to retain one or multiple cones… thegaastore.newsweaver.com/14djrncmi35t9h7zjq6r5u?email=true&a=2&p=21718805&t=19649585 … To fully extend ConeChamp, press the buttons on the left and right side of the lower part simultaneously and pull the handle until the buttons lock into the top holes of the lower part. Simply push the extended ConeChamp through the centre hole of one or a number of cone markers, the ‘gripper’ part will then automatically click through. Doing so, you can stack a number of cones, depending on type and size. ConeChamp is closed easily by again pressing the buttons on the left and right side of the lower shaft simultaneously and inserting the upper part into the lower part until the buttons lock again. After collecting and stacking the sports cones, ConeChamp is then closed and carried away.
ConeChamp can be carried either by the handle or by means of attaching your own lanyard or whistle rope to the ‘D’ ring on the handle When closed, ConeChamp, together with the neatly stacked cones can be stored in any chosen location. To release cones from the ConeChamp simply pull single or multiple cones to the top of the handle and distribute or alternatively detach the upper part of the ConeChamp from the lower part and distribute in the same way.

[ http://thegaastore.newsweaver.com/zbrott7c49tt9h7zjq6r5u?email=true&a=6&p=21718805&t=19649585 ] ———————————– TOTAL GAA COACHING DVD GAA Coach…? Look No Further! This is a unique Gaelic Football Coaching DVD. This DVD consists of live pitch based demonstrations of skills thegaastore.newsweaver.com/j1ga6vdejidt9h7zjq6r5u?email=true&a=2&p=21718805&t=19649585 This is a unique Gaelic Football Coaching DVD. This DVD consists of live pitch based demonstrations of skills, drills and conditioned games aimed at developing and improving all aspects of the modern game.
From the basic fundamental skills of soloing and passing right through to the more technical skills of shooting and tackling, all skills and levels of ability are catered for. This DVD with its easily implemented content is a must for every Gaelic Football Club & Coach.

[ http://thegaastore.newsweaver.com/7383v3b2xe8t9h7zjq6r5u?email=true&a=6&p=21718805&t=19649585 ]
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