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Launch as many demos as you like!

Hi Trevor,
I hope you’re enjoying your Joomla! trial. I wanted to make you aware that you can launch as many 30 day trials as you’d like. If the first 30 day trial ends, come back and try another site. If you’d like to keep a demo past the 30 days, you will have to upgrade your Joomla! site to a paid plan on our platform. This will include an insane amount of support from our dedicated Joomla! specialists.
Log-in here to launch a free demo site or paid site: www.cloudaccess.net/client-login.html Run the forget password if you you can not gain access. If you do not have a free account with us please register. billing.cloudaccess.net/register.php
Click here for instructions to upgrade your Joomla! website: www.cloudaccess.net/how-to-upgrade-your-joomla-site.html
As always, you can also give me a call if you have any questions.
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