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Welcome to Teamer!

Dear Trevor Nally,
Welcome to the Teamer community and thank you for taking the time to set up your team on Teamer.net. Teamer was developed by myself, a very frustrated team organiser, for hard working team organisers everywhere.
Feedback from team organisers has helped us develop some tips to get you started, and to make sure you get the most from Teamer.
Setting your team up/editing player information (it’s really easy):
Players can be added manually through the invite form or you can bulk upload your team very easily onto Teamer. You will see the ‘invite from your address book or a spreadsheet’ option when you go to the ‘Players’ section. Let us do it for you – we are happy to look after your team set up for you. Just email us your list/spreadsheet of players and we’ll make it all happen.
Players receive their own login and password, so no need to share team passwords. When you add each player to your team, they receive details of their unique login and password by email and/or text message. This gives them access to your private secure teampage, so they can catch up on event information, message, chat and share photos.
Share the load…appoint a co-organiser! Why not share organiser authority for your team, just click on the ‘edit’ button beside the “lucky” team member in question and check the ‘make this player a co- organiser’ box in the member’s details. This individual will then be able to add players, set up and cancel events
Notifying Events – Text Message and E-Mail Players get notified by text message and E-Mail, if they don’t have an active email address, don’t worry, you can reach all your players because Teamer is designed to reach players whether they are at a PC or not.
Email Notifications – They receive an email with a link to login and confirm their availability for the event. Text message Notifications – They can confirm availability by simply replying with a Y if they can make it, or N of they can’t. If a separate game and meet location are chosen, players are asked to reply M if they are going straight to the meet location. PLAYER RESPONSES ARE DISPLAYED ON THE EVENT PAGE FOR EACH EVENT, so you can login at any time and see how the lineup is shaping up and get an early warning if you need to make any changes.
You are not alone, Help is at hand: Help@teamer.net is our help desk email if you have any queries or problems. This is manned 20 hours a day during the week and over the weekend, so if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to email us.
Finally, check out some of the other functionality on Teamer:
One click event cancellation from your phone. Unlimited Photo upload Event mapping Man of the Match voting.
Our ongoing development of Teamer is driven by the users of the Teamer system, people like you. I would actively encourage you to send in suggestions to help@teamer.net.
Yours in sport,
Ken Moulton Founder and Director of Operations