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Thank you for launching a demo site!
We guarantee a Joomla! site built just like what you can see in our webinar.  The free & live Learn the Basics of Joomla! 1.7 Webinar is a one hour process with addtional time built in for you to speak directly with and ask questions of our Joomla! moderators.
Please read this entire message, be patient, and enjoy learning. Submit a support ticket in your client area if you get lost, and our support team will call or reply to the ticket.
Start Here! Register for the free & live Learn the Basics of Joomla! 1.7 Webinar, or watch a recorded version.
Attend one of our free live, daily webinars or watch a recorded version online. It takes about one hour to learn the core functionality of Joomla!, and you can keep coming back again and again. You can even ask questions and speak directly with the webinar instructor during the free Joomla Training sessions. We host a webinar 5 days a week.

Register for the free & live Learn the Basics of Joomla 1.7 Webinar

Watch a recorded version online 24/7/365: Stop, fast foward, and rewind until you learn the basics!

How to log in, view and edit your Joomla! application

Your Joomla! 1.7 demo site comes preloaded with default content to display the capabilities of Joomla! 1.7. This can be removed and replaced with your own content. The webinar explains this process.
Follow this link to see the front end of your Joomla! 1.7 Site: garrymore.cloudaccess.net
Follow this link to edit your Joomla! 1.7 site (you’ll be prompted to supply the login credentials provided below): garrymore.cloudaccess.net/administrator
Username: garrymo1 Password: 5vvY77t7Ls
Submit support questions in your Client Area
We will help you with anything you see in the webinar. Support is free of charge for demo users. If you get really stuck, send us details about your issue, and we’ll create a few things for you.

Visit your Client Area: Email: trevor@garrymoregaa.com Password: qjgDm7bCOgy
Start Shopping for Templates and Extensions
Free Templates Provided by CloudAccess.net CloudAccess.net provides many free templates if you upgrade any demo account to a paid account. As part of the demo process we recommend you a very versitle & free template that changes to any color and pattern you’d need. The CloudBase2.0 template has been wildly successful and can be customized to suit your needs as you begin using Joomla!
Visit the CloudAccess.net Templates page

How can I use 3rd party templates? We will install any 3rd party template for you if you have a paid account with CloudAccess.net. If you like a template, buy a membership with the template maker, upgrade your demo account to a paid account on CloudAccess.net, and submit a support ticket with your username, password, and the name of the template. Our team will download and install the template for you, and we will send you the keys to log-in to your Joomla! site. You can also install your own template by downloading the zip file and, by going to Joomla! Admin > Extensions > Extension Manager, browse and install the zip or tar.giz package. You must activate the template in the Template Manager when complete.
Explore thousands 3rd Party Templates
Need to find a solution? Joomla! has Extensions! Joomla! has many 3rd party solutions. Much like Iphone apps, Joomla! has 3rd party extension support so you can extend the capitalties of the core Joomla system. Have fun and look around. Joomla! extensions download to your desktop and install in the administrative area of Joomla! By accessing the Extensions Directory, you can unlock the real potential of a Joomla! site.
Visit the Extensions Directory
*Note: some extensions require payment. We suggest that you purchase extensions as the vendor of the extension will provide you support services separate from CloudAccess.net. Read the documentation if you plan to use the extensions. Extensions are installed by going to the Joomla! Administration area: go to Extensions > Extension Manager. Browse and install the zip or tar.giz package you downloaded from the Extensions Directory.
Still want to learn?
Check out your one stop shop for Joomla! how-to documentation & videos. You can even contact a Joomla! teacher & writer to ask for specific documents and instructions.
Visit our Knowledgebase

CloudAccess.net is the official host of demo.joomla.org

Can I change my domain name to something without cloudaccess.net? Yes. Submit a support ticket for a “Domain Name Change.” If you do not yet have a domain name, you can purchase one within your client account as well.
I already own a domain name. Can I use it? Yes. Submit a support ticket for a “Domain Name Change.” Be sure you’re ready for your site to be live. Is my trial site a fully functional Joomla! 1.7 site? Yes. Can I upload images, templates and extensions? Yes you can! You have control!
Can you build my site for me? Yes, we have talented Joomla! staff who can build your site for you or customize it to your needs. What happens after 30 days? To keep your site hosted with CloudAccess.net, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid hosting plan. Do I have to keep my site at CloudAccess.net? No, you are free to download your site and do with it what you wish.

Learning: (FAQ, Knowledge Base) learning.cloudaccess.net
Free Training Webinar: cloudaccess.net/free-joomla-training-webinars.html
Client login: (Tickets,New Orders, billing) cloudaccess.net/client-login.html
Call us for some “Insane Support” 1.800.400.1565, intl 1.231.421.7160